Popiór "Pomarlisko" Vinyl

Category: Muzyka, Nowości, Vinyl Band: Popiór Manufacturer: Szafraniec EAN: 5903867545361
Gatunek muzyki: Metal Nośnik muzyki: Vinyl
Dostępność: niedostępne

PREMIERE - October 12, 2023.
Delivery on the day of release or after October 12, 2023 at the earliest


Author/Title: Pipiór "Pomarlisko" Vinyl

Style: Vinyl, gatefold.

Released – 2023



  • Chris Hofler
  • Jacek Nowak
  • Grzegorz Feliks
  • Jacek Hiro

Debiut album "Popiór". A continuation of the musical style that fans know from the work of Kat & Roman Kostrzewski.

"Popiór is an angel who sat down on earth and begins to enjoy human excitement and pleasure.
Eventually he notices that with each such pleasure, a feather falls out."
Roman Kostrzewski

"Popióra was created by Roman. He invented it and painted it with words. He defined it.
We filled it with music.
Roman left.
We stayed.
He, the Ash, also remained.

We didn't want to forget about him.
Day by day it rang more and more in our ears and played in our hearts.
We decided to show him to the world - Our Ash."
Jacek Hiro